Rapid Resume Searching

Rapid Resume Searching

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Over a decade, we have experienced as one of the top recruiting and staffing solutions. We understand sometimes everyone needs an extra hand to support. With our rapid resume search, screening the applicants with our rapid resume process, we also search/source candidates actively for you. All the resumes provided will be yours to keep, and this can help you hire multiple candidates without investing a lot. Just at $789, we will do all this along with providing you with a compensation analysis report or a supply and demand report to keep you updated with the market.

Our team are more productive when they focus on collaboration process. Our integration enables to simplify the IT service management. We can resolve the Ad writing, job posting, searching, screening, and background check.

Ad Writing

Our job description can assist in identifying the talents or abilities required for a position and the pressure that applies to the circumstance. A proper job description explains what the job may include or require the applicant. As the rivalry between organizations and brands grows, the need for creativity in job description ads is becoming more apparent.

Job Posting

Our job posting helps you to find the right fit candidates as we make the job posting as easy as possible while connecting with our experts. Our experts will guide you in getting the qualified candidates you need the most. This feature will help you reach the right candidates through our postings on LinkedIn, monster, dice, etc.


We have the key to finding the right candidate in a competitive talent market by using the right data and technology to apply to the right candidate. We streamline the hiring process and save your time with our customized sourcing, tracking, and management technology. Our recruiting process has designed to help you easily onboard and retain your valuable new hires.


We prefer resume screening feature that enables you to select a vast number of resumes to find the perfect candidates that match the working culture and the requirements. Our screening process will help you to filter the applications-based skills, education, experience, and more which is required for an open role.

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At Zeva IT, we are here to help and get the talent to compete in the recent marketplace. As a recruiting service team, we are here to help you and deliver exceptional candidates offering the best workforce solutions quickly. Now get started, and fill out the form below or dial  (609) 632-1285 to contact our expert team directly.

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