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Do you have experts in your team
for all the IAM tools for Identity,
Access,MFA, Self-service
Password and Privilege Access?

Tackle all of these challenges with a team of experts
from Zeva IT IAM Managed Services

Securing Identity and Access Management (IAM) platforms require constant support and monitoring, leading to additional operational cost. At ZevaIT, we provide customized IAM managed services at competitive pricing to help mitigate security and other issues, such as data breaches, complex integrations, deploying hybrid cloud or managing on-premise systems.

ZevaIT’s managed security services bouquet include the following comprehensive range of IAM solutions:
User provisioning

Access Setup Processes

Identity Processes

User Management Processes

Employment Processes

Reconciliation Processes

Workflow Processes


De-provisioning Processes

Continuous Monitoring

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Our Identity and Access management Support offerings provide the following secure and cost effective IT Security solutions
Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Password Management

Single sign-on

Privilege Access Management

Application Security

Multi-factor Authentication

Governance, Risk & Compliance

As an expert IAM managed service provider, our solutions support all the leading IAM products:





PING Identity





ZevaIT’s IAM Managed Service support helps to secure enterprises by providing right access across on-premises and cloud-based systems at a competitive price point.

Our team offers 24x7x365 monitoring, managing, alerting and IT security vigilance support for On-premise, cloud, hosted or Hybrid setup to ensure efficient management of Enterprise’s IAM investment.

Choosing a trusted IAM managed service provider will reduce the stress on your security team as you face shrinking IT budget while still creating business value for your organization.

Features of ZEVA IT’s IAM Managed Services

Expert System Assessment

Based on the assessment of an enterprise’s IT Security ecosystem, our experts develop customized IAM strategies and roadmap.

Constant Technical Support

We provide constant monitoring of IAM platforms including managing IT security and infrastructure, along with providing alert services.

Solutions Specialization

Our IAM support services help businesses optimize their goals and IT network by implementing highly customized and strategic solutions.

IAM Capabilities Enhancement

Our IAM Managed Services experts constantly work on improving and optimizing your IAM solutions as per your changing business needs.

Industry Specific Insights

Our highly-trained technical resources provide clear and actionable insights to implement customized IAM solutions for securing your data.

Partner’s Collaboration

We work with some of the best technology providers including SailPoint, Oracle, IBM, CA Technologies, Ping Identity, Centrify, Okta Saviynt, SSH, EPIC, Cerner and many others.

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