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We are hiring the best talent simply. We help bridge the talent and technology gap by partnering with our subject matter experts and leveraging Zeva’s experience in the industry to transform your workforce.

Our expert team specializes in helping our clients seamlessly integrate emerging solutions and tackle challenges with their most important initiatives. In this case, we help you start the work and make the best way to give data-driven plans and processes to fit your business.

Ad Writing

Job descriptions can help identify particular skills or abilities necessary for a position or the environmental pressures that apply for the position. A good job description tells the applicant what the work may involve or require. Creativity’s importance in job description ads is evident today as competition between businesses and brands increases. Providing value to your candidates by creating meaningful connections through creativity in job descriptions is one way to build brand recognition. Candidates are more likely to resonate with an ad if it is something they can relate to or if it is relevant to their interests.

Job Posting

Our experts run job advertisements on popular job boards to attract applicants. According to the work and culture, the job boards help search for the dedicated and best-suited candidates. We prefer job ads that are typically published online.

60-days guarantee

Our standard Zeva IT recruitment solution has one of the most important terms to consider when signing a contract is the guarantee. Employers turn to us when they have a critical position to fill, and they’re willing to pay for it if they can get a quality hire in the door quickly.

Prescreen Interview & Client Interview Assistance

Our pre-screening interview asks a series of questions that help you learn more about a candidate before conducting a more extensive interview or passing them on to our client. The pre-screening questions ask the candidate more about career goals, job preferences, abilities and knowledge. We know that connecting with the candidates and fixing an interview is a time-sensitive matter. Our team stays in touch with all the candidates and helps our clients with end-to-end scheduling.

Compensation Analysis

Our compensation analysis reviews the employee’s pay about the previous organization’s pay. We often consider both internal equity and external competitiveness to ensure fair pay that can attract, engage, and retain talent. Through this analysis, you may identify candidates deserving a strategic compensation adjustment more aligned with company values or the law. Our primary target is to provide benefits with employee retention, talent attraction, compliance, and higher employee engagement, productivity, and loyalty.


Our time-consuming screening tests identify the best candidates and make your hiring decisions faster, easier, and bias-free. Our screening process automation helps you focus on the best candidate for the profile. We ensure you get the best talent from all walks of life.

Background check

We offer a comprehensive range of background verification services such as employment background checks, professional reference checks, criminal backgrounds, educational qualifications, financial credit, address verification, etc. We aim for a complete warranty and background check of the candidate in the best manner.


Job searching can help you quickly match the most qualified candidates. Thus, we go beyond the resume and use insights from your job post, company, and candidate profile to find your needs. We prefer you to select suitable candidates for the work and culture. Our team is highly trained with different techniques to source the candidates for you. We have a platform to find qualified candidates easily. In the exact search string, the recruiter has specific candidates that you are looking for. We facilitate every step of searching the candidates according to your work culture.   

Request Services

At Zeva IT, we are here to help and get the talent to compete in the recent marketplace. As a recruiting service team, we are here to help you and deliver exceptional candidates offering the best workforce solutions quickly. Now get started, and fill out the form below or dial  (609) 632-1285 to contact our expert team directly.

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